New Year, New Blog

As I still follow an academic calendar, I see New Years as a chance to reboot between semesters, so I do attempt to make and stick to goals. So if you’ll forgive my not starting with an ‘all about me’ post, I will share my goals for 2011. I’ll have a page with that information anyway.

1) Maintain an active web presence

Although less important than Goal #2, this one is the reason for the creation of this personal blog. I have been limiting my blog posts at to subjects pertinent to Port Iris Magazine, the speculative fiction magazine of which I’m the editor.

In the current age of Internet society, I realize that a personal web presence is essential for any writer. This blog will predominantly focus on all things writerly and some of my other creative endeavors: e.g. sketching, digital painting, woodworking, and other DIY projects.

2) Increase my creative output

Last year started my first concerted attempts to become a professional writer, and I was met with mixed success. Although I’ve greatly improved the quality of my writing, the speed at which I produce anything is atrocious. I will be challenging myself to produce at least 1 finished short story (3,000 – 7,000 words) per month.

This holiday season, I have finally received a Wacom Tablet. I’ve wanted one of these for almost 10 years. After borrowing one from a friend last year, I couldn’t wait any longer. I will be shifting my drawing efforts from pencil sketching to digital painting this year.

3) Improve Port Iris Magazine

Although some unexpected, additional financial strains have prevented increasing the pay rates at Port Iris Magazine, I do have some additional improvements planned for this year. In addition to PDF, all issues will soon be available in popular ebook formats: EPUB, MOBI, and LIT. Also, the website will be relaunched with a new face and better features.

4) Independent Science Fiction Publishers Association

The web page was launched in October to a bit of a false start due to all of the setbacks that came in the following 2 months. This year will see the real establishment of the association.

5) Decrease my dependence on certain proprietary software

Last year, I had two instances where my dependence on Adobe Creative Suite products contributed to the delay in Port Iris Magazine. This year, I plan to make the switch to Scribus instead of InDesign for PDF layout formatting and to find an adequate open source alternative to Acrobat Professional for the digital contracts.

However, I won’t even pretend that I’ll stop using Photoshop. I’ll do my best to acquaint myself with GIMP, but too much of an effort will directly effect Goal #2.

Casey Seda

~ by caseyseda on January 1, 2011.

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