Good News

I’m a little late posting my progress report for February, but truthfully it seems unimpressive because, although much work has been done, not much has been completed. Suffice it to say I spent a lot of February wading through PHP code for two websites and through the Port Iris Magazine slush pile to get it back a manageable level.

However, I wanted to pass along an awesome opportunity going on at the blog of Crossed Genres/Science  in My Fiction publisher, Bart Leib. The Good News Givaway seems like a great chance to win some great fiction from Crossed Genres, GUD Magazine and M-Brane Press, so I thought I’d throw in my lot as well.

My most recent good news is that today is my 28th birthdays and it went fairly well, but my best good news to occur recently is passing a huge milestone in my graduate school career, which signifies only one last leg of the journey left. More on that can be found in my previous blog post. Also, Port Iris Magazine received it’s first donation last week. Every little bit helps.

UPDATE 3/3/11 23:06: I just found out that a I was just awarded a $750 grant to present my research at a scientific conference. w00t!!!

~ by caseyseda on March 3, 2011.

2 Responses to “Good News”

  1. Hey!
    I saw your good news via Bart’s contest. Congrats on the grant and all the rest! 🙂

  2. Thanks Shay. Congrats to you on the new puppy and for winning part of the contest too.

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