Progress Report: August 2011

In my last post I stated that I would start again with progress reports to create more of a sense of accountability. Bear with me as I find a structure to best present the information in the coming months. Rather than making excuses for things that kept productivity down I will list these things in with the accomplishments.

August 16-31, 2011

Personal Writing

  • 4263 Words written (Avg: 266 w/day | Best day: 1155)
  • 1 short story outline completed
  • 2 scenes edited
  • 1 blog post


  • 3x Port Iris story edits completed (1st round)
  • 1 Crossed Genres eBook compiled, formatted, and completed in 1 week (rush job)
  • 1 Crossed Genres eBook compiled (needs tweaking)


  • 5 Writing group critiques
  • Learned how to embed custom fonts in ePub files
  • 400 lines of code written (WordPress plugin–more on that later)

~ by caseyseda on September 1, 2011.

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