Progress Report: September 2011

I had high hopes going into the month of September. However, I can’t even accurately report on my progress because my laptop is lying gutted on a pile of other computers in someone’s office of the IT department at work. Since starting my graduate studies 5 years ago, I have gone through 6 computers. The first of these was one of those abysmal iMacs from the days when they came in different colors. It’s taken time, but I have come to appreciate Mac OSX over Windows. However, there is one big negative experience I’ve had with Apple products, or rather 3 closely related experiences: I’ve had the mother boards of 3 out of 4 laptops fail on me. This time is probably the most inopportune occasion.

The last month has been one of the most grueling times of my graduate career. Between delays, repeating failed experiments and the mad dash to finish my dissertation in time to defend it in November, I’ve had time for little else.

Below are the couple things writing/publishing related that have actually been completed.

Personal Writing

  • Practically nothing.


  • Crossed Genres Quarterly 3 eBook editions completed


  • 60% of my dissertation written (2 weeks to finish and submit for edits)

~ by caseyseda on October 2, 2011.

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