A Mixture of Dissapointment and Relief

This week has been met with a torrent of bad news that has oddly come with a sort of relief with each item and one really good news item with minimal strings attached. The reason is that a few stressful factors in my life have come to a head. Really, one of these things is the reason why the others have become not so manageable. That thing would be trying to finish my Ph.D. dissertation.

All this added stress and constraints on time culminated in my making the decision to close Port Iris Magazine a final one. I already talked about the reasons in the announcement, so I won’t go into them here.

Because delays in a trip to perform research at another University, a broken computer, and the need to repeat a few experiments that had gone wrong, I’ve been collecting data up to 2 weeks ago. After the mad dash to analyze statistic, digest what it means and write it down, I am now nearly done with my first draft with my first 3 of 4 chapters already  submitted for edits from my advisor. However, trying to wrangle 5 professors around very different schedules including my own week long trip next month and Thanksgiving has proven impossible and we have come to the conclusion that I can not defend in time to graduate in December.

The very shiny silver lining: although I still will won’t get the piece of paper that says it, I can still defend in December and officially become Dr. Seda this December, which allows me to pursue a job that I’ve been offered. (Yes, I have a job lined up already and still have applications out. I’ll wait to give details on this welcome outcome as things become more official.)

This has softened the blow of learning that it was going to cost $1250 to fix my computer, and the subsequent declaration of time of death. At least I can say that religious backing up of files saved nearly all my work. Even if working on a loaner from the IT departments relics closet has been a mind-bogglingly frustrating experience.

To finish this update on a high note, I also received final acceptance of a science article manuscript, and it will be published in January.


~ by caseyseda on October 28, 2011.

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